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An SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is a smart financial planning tool that could help you create Wealth by investing small sums of money regularly, over a period of time.

A SIP is a planned approach towards investments and helps you inculcate the habit of Saving and building Wealth for the future.

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Invest Small - Save Big

Saving a small sum of money regularly in Equity Mutual Funds can make your money work with greater power and can have a significant impact in wealth accumulation. ( Assumed Rate of Return: 15%)

Invest Per Month 5 Years 10 Years 15 Years 20 Years
50,000 44.84 lacs 1.39 crore 3.38 crore 7.58 crore
25,000 22.42 lacs 69.66 lacs 1.69 crore 3.79 crore
20,000 17.94 lacs 55.73 lacs 1.35 crore 3.03crore
15,000 13.45 lacs 41.80 lacs 1.02 crore 2.27 crore
10,000 8.97 lacs 27.87 lacs 67.69 Lacs 1.52 Crore
5,000 4.48 Lacs 13.93 Lacs 33.84 Lacs 75.80 Lacs

SIP Helps to Reach Your Financial Goal

Tenure 5 Years 10 Years 15 Years
Expected Returns 12 % 15% 12 % 15% 12 % 15%
Corpus Required Amount to Invest Per Month
10 Lacs 12,244 11,200 4,347 3,600 2,002 1,500
25 Lacs 30,611 27,900 10,868 9,000 5,004 3,700
50 Lacs 61,222 55,800 21,735 17,900 10,008 7,400
1 crore 1,22,444 1,11,500 43,471 35,900 20,017 14,800
2 crore 2,44,889 2,23,000 86,942 71,800 40,034 29,500
5 crore 6,12,222 5,57,500 2,17,355 1,79,400 1,00,084 73,900

Keep in Mind

Start Early, Earn Bigger Returns.

Stay Longer, Enjoy the compounding effect.

Be Patient, the Money is sure to grow in the long run.

Be consistent, Never Skip your Monthly Payment

Benefits of Systematic Investment Plans

Disciplined Saving: Discipline is the key to successful investments. When you invest through SIP, you commit yourself to save regularly. Every investment is a step towards attaining your financial objectives.

Flexibility While it is advisable to continue SIP investments with a long-term perspective, there is no compulsion. Investors can discontinue the plan at any time. One can also increase/ decrease the amount being invested.

Long-Term Gains : Due to rupee-cost averaging and the power of compounding SIPs have the potential to deliver attractive returns over a long investment horizon.

Convenience : SIP is a hassle-free mode of investment. You can issue a standing instruction to your bank to facilitate auto-debits from your bank account. In case of SIPs, on a specified date which can be on a daily basis, monthly basis, or on a quarterly basis, a fixed amount as desired by you, is debited from your bank account.

Perks of SIP

Flexible and affordable investment options You can always start with smaller amounts and increase the sum of investment as your earning grows with time.

Saves you’re time By opting for SIP, you drive handsfree. You can go to your own business while your money takes care of itself.

Keeps you stress free Unlike a mutual fund, you are free of the tension stemming from the ups and lows of market.

Saves you overloading your head You need not to have a know-how of the market or the tactics that go into switching between funds. It is all done for you by the money market experts.

No Timing the Market No one can predict which way the market will move or if the market has achieved its peak or low point. SIP can help you to invest every month and frees you from the worry of market movements.

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